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Want to tweak out your garage? Here are 3 great ideas to improve on the visual appearance, home value and functionality of your garage.

Awesome Garage Ideas

Home Garage Showroom Floors

Just because your homes garage came with boring oil-stained floors doesn’t mean it has to stay that way forever. Polymer flooring is a synthetic coating that is applied right over your cement floor. The polymer bonds with your existing floor to create a shiny showroom finish.

Not only can you make your garage floors look more appealing but it improves on the overall quality. Your new floor will be more resistant to staining, easier to clean and improve the value of your home.

Dream Garage Doors

The problem with older garage doors is that they’re simply not much to look at. Many home builders think about the garage door as merely serving a functional purpose. Style and curb appeal can often get left out of the design process. The garage door is one of the primary elements of curb appeal, often taking up 30% or more of the homes view from the street. Upgrading to a stylish garage door can have a dramatic impact on your curb appeal and the value of your home.

Personal Car Lift

We’re all accustomed to seeing automated car lifts in commercial garages when we go to purchase new tires or have our oil changed. However, these are now becoming popular with residential homeowners who are wanting to maximize the space in their garages.

These car lifts operate very similar to the way they do at your local body shop. You pull your vehicle into your home garage, push a button and the vehicle is lifted up out of the way. You now have all your floor space back. Many homeowners will use this regained space to park an additional car beneath the other. This can easily turn a 2 car garage into a 3 car garage. If you love to do your own maintenance on your vehicles then you’ll love this new garage feature even more. Some car lifts even sit on casters, allowing you to move them around the garage.

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