A Few Reasons to Keep Your Car Covered

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Many of us who’ve lived in apartment complexes remember the days we dreamed of having a garage. Walking out into the rain and starting up cold cars were just the beginning of the “I wish I had a garage” days. However, the story for many of us is that when we finally do move into… Read more »

Apps of the Future: Garage Door Openers

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We love following the technology blogs and especially when they start talking about new technologies that improve our lives and make them one-touch easier. And so you can only imagine our excitement today when we saw that not only are there a host of new apps on the horizon – but one that has to… Read more »

Your Garage Door – The Envy of Your Neighbors

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A new garage door, quickly, safely and correctly installed, will differentiate your home all the while adding value and curb appeal. With garage doors made of a multitude of materials such as steel, wood, aluminum/glass just to name a few, the perfect door for you is available.