Spring Cleaning Your Garage

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It’s time to open your garage doors and let in some fresh air. But if the thought of exposing your messy, cluttered and just plain dirty space to the neighborhood gives you chills it’s time for some spring-cleaning. Get the family together and spend the day getting organized.  You might even be able to park your… Read more »

A Few Reasons to Keep Your Car Covered

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Many of us who’ve lived in apartment complexes remember the days we dreamed of having a garage. Walking out into the rain and starting up cold cars were just the beginning of the “I wish I had a garage” days. However, the story for many of us is that when we finally do move into… Read more »

Apps of the Future: Garage Door Openers

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We love following the technology blogs and especially when they start talking about new technologies that improve our lives and make them one-touch easier. And so you can only imagine our excitement today when we saw that not only are there a host of new apps on the horizon – but one that has to… Read more »