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At Raynor Garage Doors of Kansas City we like to showcase some fun things here and there from bears to NASA garage sales. We also like seeing the kinds of things people can get their garage doors to do.

This enterprising young man in the UK has rigged his iPhone’s Siri to open and close his garage (he says ger-AGE but we won’t make fun of him) He has a method that he details here but we’ll let you delve deeper should you find you want to try it. We only recommend it to those technology savvy enough not to open their neighbor’s garage door, turn on their dishwashers or activate any giant robots in the area. Home automation is one thing, giant robots are another.

So take a look and maybe give it a try yourself. Let us know what happens. Or even better how about just adding a Model 8550 Liftmaster Opener with My Q technology so you can use your smartphone to operate your garage door the easy way.

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