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Garage Rock was a form of rock music that became popular in the United States and Canada between 1963 and 1967. Although, it’s popularity was initially short lived, the relationship between rock and roll and the garage was set in stone forever. While many famous musicians grew up rocking out in their garages, not many of them went on to record professional albums in the same place where they changed the oil in their cars.

Dave Grohl, frontman and founder of the rock band Foo Fighters made the decision to record their 7th official album ‘Wasting Light’ in his own garage. While planning the project Grohl realized he was tired of the normal recording process. It was time to do something different and go back to those garage band roots.

Butch Vig, who had worked with Grohl on the Nirvana Nevermind album, which launched Grohl’s career as a rockstar, was asked to record the album. When Dave sprung the news of “Oh, I wanna do it in my garage.”, Vig thought “Well, he’s probably got a pretty nice garage.” The garage door slowly opened and inside … it was just a normal little garage that could probably use a good makeover. Regardless, the project was a complete success. Grohl mentioned that he used a plastic Toys R’ Us drum kit but in that garage it sounded like a Led Zepplin record.

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Tom Petty was another famous garage lover. In fact, the album Full Moon Fever was recorded in Mike Campbell’s garage. Petty would later say it was the most enjoyable record he had ever worked on. During these recording sessions in the garage, Petty wrote “Indiana Girl”, which would eventually become his classic hit “Mary Jane’s Last Dance”.

Now, while there’s no official word on if Jimi Hendrix ever recorded in a garage, the famous guitar that he lit on fire at the end of the Astoria concert in March 1967 was accidentally forgotten inside a garage for nearly 40 years. Upon it’s discovery, it was auctioned off at $497,500. While you probably won’t find a gem like this, maybe it’s time to clean out your garage and see what treasures you can uncover. While you’re at it, think about spicing up that curb appeal with a fresh coat of paint and a new garage door.

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