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When you hear the words “garage door” you think of well, a garage door that opens up to a garage where you see cars, tools and in my house everything we still haven’t put away since the move.

But more and more homeowners and builders are incorporating garage doors into living spaces. Picture a lovely glass and steel wall that will open up onto a patio or even onto a street in more urban areas. It makes a definite statement, brings a lovely evening into the home or just makes for more room to roam.

Installation can be in either new or existing homes and can be motorized or manually operated.  And the trend just keeps growing; the American Institute of Architects reported a huge increase in requests to fit living spaces with garage doors.

The doors can even be incorporated into second floor spaces to increase airflow or just to give a unique view from an upper room. It’s good for more urban areas as it adds privacy and security.


If you’re intrigued by the idea of opening up your home with a new garage door contact Raynor Garage Doors and we’d be happy to discuss the possibilities. We’ve fitted homes right here in Kansas City with living space garage-type doors. So we can custom build a door, fit your home with an existing selection or work together to design a unique solution for your unique needs.

For more great examples of garage door living spaces we found a great site.

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