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One of the easiest way for intruders to break into your home is through an unsecured garage door. Outdated garage door and garage door opener models make it easy for a break-in, especially if your garage has an automated opener and windows. Using new garage door security can help protect your home and prevent break-ins.


Don’t Open Your Home to Garage Door Intruders!

Breaking In Through the Garage Door

Thieves have found several ways to break into garages over the years:

Breaking In through the Windows

One of the biggest threats to home security could be considered windows on a garage door. Especially older doors with single-pane, low windows; they can pose a threat because of ease of break-ability. Intruders could have easy access into your garage by entering through a window, and thus your entire house. That’s why many of our new door models do not have windows, or if they do, they are highly secured, placed high in the door, and safe.

Breaking In through the Garage Door Opener

Using only a coat hanger and the cord hanging from the garage door opener, smart intruders narrow in on garage doors as easy targets as a way to enter an empty home. Some of the most common garage door security threats have involved:

“Back-driving” – forcing the opener motor backward by prying open the garage door

“Code Grabbing” – electronic ways to open the garage doors by hacking into the transmitted codes

“Cord Grabbing” – holding on to the hanging cord to break into the garage

Improvements in Garage Door Opener Technology Improve Safety

Over the years, these growing safety concerns have caused garage door manufacturers and automatic opener manufacturers to change the way they design and build their openers to increase safety. We’ve seen improvements to motors and technology, changes in where the openers are mounted in the garage and even “locks” to prevent garage door intrusions. Many of these improvements can even be made to existing doors and openers.

We’re excited that our industry is keeping up with technology by constantly improving and changing the way garage door parts work in order to keep a home, and its residents, safe. If you’re wondering if your home is safe and secure with your garage door, just give us a call. We’ll let you know if you’re at high risk of intrusion and what you can do to keep your home protected.



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