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Spring and summer in the Midwest brings heat, humidity and the inevitable thunderstorm and occasionally tornadoes. Protecting your home and family means securing your home and property so if the unthinkable happens you’re prepared.

Protect your home from high winds and tornados.

Your home has numerous openings and entrances that should be secured to prevent loss or damage. If you ever needed a reason for a home upgrade keeping your home and property safe is a good one.

The foundation of your home may be on a concrete pad and if so, is probably only partially attached. High winds can pull the walls right out of the foundation. Bolts can be set deep into concrete foundations that will firmly secure your home to the pad.

If you live in an area that’s frequently visited by tornadoes or severe storms it may be wise to invest in home additions made to withstand high winds and windborne debris. Storm shutters, impact resistant windows and doors or mesh and screen systems that can be added in case of dangerous impending weather are all good preventative measures. 

Your roof is sometimes the first victim of high winds and damage. Roofs may be lifted only to collapse back onto homes so for new home construction and retrofitting the connections between roof and walls should be made for this possibility.

You may not be aware of it but your garage door is especially vulnerable to the effects of severe storms. High-speed winds can pressurize your home and blow the garage roof off. If the door is hinged it can also pull off part of the house with it.  Raynor Garage Doors offer garage doors specifically designed to withstand high winds.

Whether you have a basement or your home is on a concrete pad, a reinforced room made especially for tornadoes or high winds may be something to consider as well as a family disaster plan. At the very least safety supplies such as a weather radio, first-aid kit, water and blankets should always be kept in the basement or inner room.

It’s nice when spring finally makes it way back and temperatures begin to rise. Unfortunately it also brings the kind of weather than can pose real danger to your home and family. If your garage doors have seen better days let Raynor Garage Door of Kansas City fit your home with an attractive and sturdy new door that fits your style.

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