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There seems to be a connection between bears and garage doors. We’ve posted an errant bear cub in trouble with mama bear and now it seems like papa bear was feeling left out.

Fish and Game agents were forced to shoot and kill a large brown bear that was apparently on a crime spree in an Anchorage, AK neighborhood. It was an adult male weighing in at about 750 pounds and had been responsible for attacking at least three garage doors causing thousands of dollars in property damage. And when we say attack we mean off the tracks, looks like a tornado hit them damage. You’ll notice in the photograph that this bear meant business.

Bear vs. Garage Door. Photograph by Joan Bundtzen

Fish and Game biologists are perplexed at the bear’s actions, as there didn’t seem to be anything in any of the homes that would attract a bear and cause this sort of damage.

“(The homeowners) weren’t doing anything wrong,” said wildlife biologist Jessy Coltrane.

It’s possible the bear was simply trying out previous behavior that had proved profitable earlier in the summer. A home nearby was burglarized while the owner was on vacation and the thieves left the garage door open inviting in all manner of wildlife, including a bear or two, to rummage happily around the home for days. The errant bear may have been involved in this caper.

Regardless, if you live in bear country, you can no doubt expect bear shenanigans.

If you live in the Kansas City Metro area, however, you can probably count out bears wandering into your garage. But you might have errant teenagers with new driver’s licenses, youngsters on bikes who didn’t stop in time, or maybe just a spouse late for work damage your garage doors. So if you need a little repair work, an inspection to check on working order or in the worst case, an entirely new garage door Raynor Garage Doors of Kansas City is your best choice for help. Our experienced technicians can take a look at your garage door to ensure safe working order, inspect for any damage and we can help you choose a new door to enhance your curb appeal, match your existing home style and hide the fact that it was actually you that backed into the door while it was closed. We won’t tell.

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