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It’s hard to believe but very soon the days will be shorter, the nights colder, and forecasts of excessive heat will give way to forecasts of ice and snow.

Unless you drive a Mini you’ll never get your car in this garage.

And if you’ve spent the summer piling skis, camping gear, rubber rafts, fins, and golf clubs in your garage it’s probably time to get organized. You’re going to want to actually park your car in there when the sleet comes or you could be chipping away for a long time in the freezing cold. Do that in pantyhose and heels more than once and you’ll wish you’d spent the time getting your garage ready in the fall.

It’s not hard to make room but it may take some time. Especially if you didn’t clear out your unwanted items in the spring. But it can be done.

  • Maximize space with some good storage shelves, cabinets or pegboards. Shelves that can be moved around are also a great idea as you may want to add or remove storage.
  • Consider the space on the ceiling as a good place for storing things you only use seasonally. Halloween ghosts can be exchanged for Christmas trees or other items you only use for a few weeks at a time. This is also a great place for ladders. You can even use pulley to hoist bikes and scooters up high and out of the way.
  • Use storage bins on shelves and group them seasonally as well. Label, label, label so you’re not going through every last one to find your Christmas decorations.
  • Take the time to dispose of any hazardous materials such as leftover paint, solvents, pesticides, cleaning and automotive products properly. If you have unused paint consider donating to Habitat For Humanity.
  • Create an area for boots, shovels, coats or umbrellas by the door so you won’t track water or salt into the house. You’ll be amazed how an areas like this makes your life easier.
  • A workplace in your garage is a godsend and not hard to create. An old desk with pegboard above it or some castoff cabinets will come in handy for all the little tasks and chores that seem endless. Desk drawers can hold all the small stuff that you can never find.

Getting organized isn’t fun but you’ll reap the rewards when you avoid a snow covered car first thing in the morning. And as you get organized you might even consider a new insulated garage door to keep those winter winds at bay. So give us a call at Raynor Garage Doors of Kansas City and we can recommend the perfect garage door to go with the perfectly organized garage.

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