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In this economy, none of us can really afford to lose money, right? And especially when it comes to our homes. We want the improvements we make to our homes to pay off in the end. After all, since housing prices have dropped, it’s the least we can ask for. The good news is that there are several ways to instantly improve your curb appeal, which will in turn, impact your home’s value. Good curb appeal equals a good impression, which bumps up your resale value. And one GREAT way to instantly up your curb appeal, and have big pay-offs in the end, is a garage door replacement.

Garage Door is First Impression of your Home

Unless you live in an older home with a detached garage, or a home where the garage is around back, more than likely your garage is in the front of your home. Many homes in the Kansas City Metro area were constructed to have easy-accessible garages in the front. The nice thing about this is that the garages are attached, making entry and exit very easy. Plus, many times they are also insulated. The downside is that the garage door can steal from your focal point – the front door area. And if your garage door is simply utilitarian, you may be losing out on curb appeal opportunities.

Replacing Garage Door Will Result In Good ROI

Remodeling Magazine generates a list each year of the projects that produce a high return on investment. In 2010-2011, a garage door replacement ranked high – from 69% ROI for an upscale garage door and 83% ROI on a mid-range garage door. Part of why a garage door replacement ranked so high was because they are often the first thing people see on a home, and upon their improvement, they instantly improve curb appeal. Plus, garage doors are affordable and easy to change, so the payoffs are big.

Options for Garage Door Replacement

If you’re looking into replacing your garage door, you have several options. You don’t have to use a simple, basic door – you can have it match your home and your style and amp up the appeal of your place. When you focus on incorporating the design of your garage door into your curb appeal, you’ll see a big boost in attractiveness. And luckily, a big payoff in home value, too.


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