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The garage floor may be the most neglected space in your home. Dirt, oil, leaves, grass and salt leave stains or even damage the surface leaving it looking sad and forgotten. And if your garage is the primary entrance and exit to your house you have to look at it everyday. So what are your options to keeping your garage floor looking clean and neat?

Use Paint To Color Your Garage Floor

A relatively quick and inexpensive option to protect and beautify your garage floor. It does require extensive cleaning and degreasing but any project worth doing is worth doing right. Right? For the best results rent a power washer and products made for cleaning grease and oil. There are many options from latex and sealer to epoxy kits that come with complementary color flakes to add a bit of interest.

Mats For Garage Floors

If you’re looking for good and immediate protection from everyday wear garage floor mats are a simple and labor free way to go. Simply roll them out to cover just the area under your car or go further and purchase one that covers an entire bay. Many are ribbed to channel water away from your garage and toward the driveway.

Use Tiles To Design Garage Floors

Offer good protection as well as the option of creating attractive designs or patterns. The come in a variety of colors and surfaces and can be both peel and stick or interlocking. Peel and stick are less expensive in most cases but special care must be taken to clean and dry the floor before application otherwise you’re just sticking them to grease and oil. Interlocking tiles are the simpler although more expensive option but can be laid down over the existing floor without any prep. Tiles can vary in thickness, material and color so do your homework as price can vary as well.


Protecting your garage floor isn’t just an aesthetic decision. All the gunk and junk you roll and track in can damage the floor so you may end up doing more repair work than you’d like. Even new homes typically don’t have sealed or protected garage floors so before it gets completely cluttered protect it!

And if you’re looking for another reason to beautify your garage floor just add a spectacular garage door from Raynor Garage Doors. The garage door has become another element of design for new and existing homes and the options are endless. Raynor can fit your home with a door that complements your color and home style or we can also work with you to do design a custom door that’s just the right fit.





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