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If you’re thinking of selling your home you should step outside and really take a look at it. Even better, drive around the block and as you approach just stop and observe how your home looks from the street. If you want to take this a step further bring some paper with you and jot down the things you notice, both good and bad, as if you were a potential buyer. You’ll see a number of things that could probably use some attention, perhaps that listing gutter, older front door or out of control shrubbery.
Next consider your garage door. Has it been replaced recently? Does it complement your home or make you shudder? It’s very possible that it’s the original door from when your house was constructed and probably needs updating.

A new garage door can increase curb appeal.

Most realtors agree that a garage door influences the curb appeal of a home if it’s visible from the street. Some even argue that a new garage door can increase the asking price of your home. In newer homes the garage doors can take up as much as 30 percent or more of the home’s visible exterior so it should be taken into consideration.
Options have increased steadily in recent years and what was once just a utilitarian piece of hardware can now beautify your home and increase its appeal. Materials now range from steel to aluminum to wood and can be fashioned in any color or style. Doors made with recycled nylon products overlaid over a steel insulated garage door have been introduced recently as a new material that can look very much like wood.
When choosing a new garage door keep in mind your home’s architectural style. The garage door should match or complement the shape and size of windows and entry doors as well as any exterior design details. With so many style options this is much easier then it once was and today’s doors can truly be beautiful.
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