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Hopefully you had a garage to park your car during the winter months. But if a cluttered garage kept your poor vehicle out in the cold then spring is the time to get organized.

Need some motivation? How about spring storms that bring hail and branches down from your trees?

We all tend to treat our garages like really big storage spaces and toss our bikes, skis, extra furniture, and lawn equipment into them. And while your garage can act as a storage space it can also hold your car as well.


So block off a weekend and get cracking. Because when you’re done you’ll have a whole new space to enjoy.

-First of all just get real and just haul everything out. Do this first thing in the morning so you have plenty of time to sort. If you have more, um, “stuff” than a day can handle start with a big area at a time.  When you clear the space of big items move the valuables into that space to avoid theft if you have to run inside.

-Sort out the items to donate. Some charities will pick up your donations so hit the online phone book. Don’t forget a tax receipt.

-Take stock of what you’d like to keep and add shelves, bins, hooks, or pegboard to move items to the perimeter of the garage. Be sure and label all bins for future reference. Raynor Garage Doors of Kansas City can fit your garage with storage units made specifically for garages. Don’t forget overhead storage possibilities for seasonal decorations or things you only use once in a while.

-You probably have old paint, oil, thinner or other chemicals you no longer need or want. These items must be disposed of properly to avoid adding toxic waste to landfills. City websites or the EPA will have all the information on safe disposal.

-Now is the time to clean.  When your garage floor is clear of stuff clean and scrub with a heavy duty broom and cleaning solution. Oil stains can be cleaned with Dawn dishwashing soap left on the spot for 5-10 minutes. A laundry pre-treater can also be used. To avoid future damage to your garage floor consider floor coverings.

-Don’t be discouraged if cleaning your garage seems like a daunting task. Just be determined and turn on a radio for some old school tunes or a ball game. When you’re finally done and park your car inside you’ll be extremely satisfied. Especially the next time a hail warning comes around.

Raynor Garage Doors of Kansas City can help you maximize the space in your garage with storage systems made especially for garage use. And if your garage make-over includes a new garage door to make the outside look as good as the inside we can help your select the best door for your needs and your budget.

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