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Winter means the holidays, lights everywhere, good food, and really, really, really cold cars. Sometimes just the thought of sliding into a freezing car to start the drive home from work, run errands or just head home from the movies is enough to start your teeth chattering before you even go outside.

If you’re lucky enough to have a garage at home you’ll know what it’s like to get into a car that’s not frozen over but what about when you’re not at home? Or if you’re like a lot of other people who have turned their garages into storage space and haven’t actually parked their car in it since 2003.

Leaving your car warming up in the driveway or parking lot can be a risk. Automobile thieves can do a smash, grab and drive away in about 15 seconds and chances are good you won’t ever see it again. And if it is recovered it will likely be a shadow of its former self.

This is where a remote auto start can be an answered prayer. They’re easy to install and with the press of a button you can start your car from your living room, office window or as you’re heading out from the grocery store.  And since your key isn’t in the ignition it can’t be driven away until you’re inside and insert it.

So if you love the winter for it’s beauty and serenity but not for cold cars and freezing seats consider a remote start. You can work on the garage when spring comes.

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