5 Famous Companies Started in a Garage

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Major corporations that now sit on enormous 35 acre complexes didn’t just pop into existence. They all had to start somewhere. For these 5 world famous companies, that place just happened to be a dusty garage. Amazon In 1994, Jeff Bezos opened his garage door in Bellevue, Washington and started what would soon become the… Read more »

Garage Door Safety Tips

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We use our garages for a wide range of reasons. Some people simply use it to protect their vehicles while others use their garage for storage or maybe for working on home projects. One common factor though is when the weather warms up we tend to spend more time in the garage. With summer upon… Read more »

Garage Door Openers Mystery Hits St. Charles County

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Here’s a piece of garage door news that is hitting close to home. A neighborhood across the state in St. Charles County, MO is experiencing strange occurrences with their garage door openers. A Digital Journal article tells the story of neighbors standing outside of their garages, scratching their heads at why their openers don’t work…. Read more »