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When you leave your house for the day or take some time for a vacation this is prime time for a burglar to relieve you of your valuables. It also takes away your piece of mind and that’s worth more than your big screen. So make it difficult for someone to break into your home with just a few simple tips.

Raynor Garage Safety

Don’t tell the world you’re going on vacation. Hair stylists, grocery clerks, the guy installing your carpet or your mechanic don’t need to know you’re headed for Vegas. Large burglary rings have been traced to informants who eavesdrop for just this kind of information. And please, wait until you’re home to post those photos on Facebook.

It might seem convenient, but taking your trash and recycling out the night before trash day gives the bad guys time to see what you bought last week. That big-screen TV box is just an invitation.

Let the dog bark. Big dogs, little dogs, any dog that makes a ruckus is a deterrent. A thief doesn’t want the neighbors attention so let Rex express himself. If a door-to-door salesman, tree trimmer or snow shoveler comes knocking let them hear you wrestle with your “big dog”.

Alarms and video surveillance systems are a crook’s Achilles heel. Keep those alarm signs, stickers and placards visible in the front as well as the back. Even if you don’t have it let it be known that you have video surveillance equipment. Thieves may think they can outrun an alarm but the thought of being caught on video is a big repellent!

Don’t be predictable. Get a ride to work from a co-worker twice a week and leave your car in the driveway, offer to do the same for them. Come home for lunch once a week on different days, leave lights on timers to come on in an visible, empty room for a hour during the night. Anyone watching your home will be discouraged if you don’t stay away during fixed hours.

Don’t let your security measures stop at your front door. Securing your garage is just as important. Make sure doors lock and don’t share your exterior keypad code to anyone not in your family. Don’t even use it within sight of neighborhood kids or service people.

Raynor Garage Doors are a secure yet attractive addition to your home. Our selection and expertise makes choosing the right garage doors a pleasure and if we don’t have what you want we can customize just the right doors for you. We work with homeowners, homebuilders, business owners, and contractors and we also offer 24 hour repair services so we’re here when you need us.  We’re proud to be a winner of the 2011 Angie’s List Super Service Award because it’s given to us by our satisfied customers and they are what matters to us. So visit us at and let us know how we can help you.

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