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As a recipient of a 2011 Angie’s List Super Service Award we pay attention to what Angie has to say.

An article recently published on the Angie’s List site highlights just why you should get a yearly garage door inspection. And fall is a good time to get it done before cold weather sets in and you really need your garage door to work.

Your garage door is probably the biggest moving part of your home and it’s heavy so it’s natural that over time it will become a bit worn and need care. A routine inspection will head off any problems before they become dangerous.

Angie’s List, asked highly rated garage door repair companies about inspections and the benefits.

  • An inspection will include adjusting springs and cables, lubricating moving parts, tightening hardware, tracks and hinges. It will also include a check of the safety sensors and opener gears.
  • Garage door springs can be affected by multiple cold winters and after about 5-7 years will need to be replaced. An inspection can catch a worn or broken spring and replace it.
  • Safety issues such as debris covering photo sensors or doors that aren’t properly weighted can be caught and fixed by an inspection.
  • Maintenance doesn’t always have to be performed by a professional. Homeowners can lubricate the tracks with silicone spray. Prevent a frozen rubber door seal from sticking to the ground (and tearing off) by lubricating it with a little bit of petroleum jelly (Vaseline to you and me).
  • Never take bolts or hardware off of your door. Likewise with springs and cables, they’re under a tremendous amount of tension and can be dangerous. Another benefit of a professional inspection is looking them over and replacing it needed.
  • If you don’t know how to test your garage door an inspector can perform a test for you. They can perform a test to see if there’s a problem with the spring tension or tracks.
  • And probably most importantly, an inspection can help avoid any safety issues and potential accidents. The reversing action of your door can be tested to make sure that the door will not close if an object (or child, pet, or car) is in the way. The door should reverse itself whenever it encounters anything.

The professionals at Raynor Garage Doors of Kansas City can perform an inspection of your garage doors to keep them in good working order. Don’t let a frozen or broken garage door keep your car prisoner on a cold, winter morning.

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