4 Reasons You May Need a New Door Opener

Garage door openers aren’t one of the first things most homeowners think of when they think of making upgrades to their home, and as a result, many homeowners will continue to use the same garage door opener for years and years, long past the point when the opener should have been replaced. Is it time to replace your garage door opener? Here are four reasons you may want to.

Garage Door Opener Warning Signs

1. Your Old Opener Doesn’t Work Anymore

The most obvious reason you would want to replace your garage door opener is simply because your old opener doesn’t work anymore. You may also replace it because it doesn’t work as well as it used to. While garage door openers can last up to twenty years, not all do, and all do eventually need to be replaced.

2. Your Old Opener is Very Noisy

If your old garage door opener is very noisy and it is waking your family or your neighbors, it is probably time to upgrade to a newer, quieter model. This is especially important if you have to leave for work or school either early in the morning or during the night, when other people are trying to sleep.

3. Your Old Opener Doesn’t Have Enough Safety Features

All garage doors installed after 1993 were required to come with a safety reversal mechanism, which would cause the door to switch directions if it were to come down on something. If your garage door was installed before then, you may not have this feature, and you definitely should. Other important features you will want include a rolling code feature and a battery backup feature.

4. You Want to Upgrade to a Opener with a Keypad

Many years ago, a key or a garage door opener were the only ways that people could get into their garages. While there are nothing wrong with these methods, many homeowners today prefer keypads. With a keypad, you can enter your garage with a code or fingerprint instead.

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