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Raynor Warranty Information & Registration

Clopay Warranty Information & Registration

Amarr Warranty Information & Registration

Eden Coast Warranty Information & Registration

Care and Maintenance Instructions

Painting Instructions for Raynor Brand Steel Doors

Raynor Paint Formulas

Clopay Steel Painting Instruction for Polystyrene Insulated Doors

Clopay Painting Instructions – Intellicore and or Overlay Type Doors (v3/16)

Clopay Wood Painting Instructions

Clopay Paint Formulas


Liftmaster How to Videos

Realigning Safety Reverse System – Instructions

Liftmaster 877LM Keyless Entry – Programming Instructions

Liftmaster 377LM Keyless Entry – Programming Instructions

Liftmaster 387LM UNIVERSAL Keyless Entry – Programming Instructions

Liftmaster Remote Control – 890MAX, 893MAX & 895MAX – 3 button Programming Instructions

Liftmaster Remote Control - 891LM & 893LM Programming Instructions

Liftmaster 370LM, 371LM, 373LM – Liftmaster Security+ 315MHz Remote Controls

Liftmaster 375UT Universal Remote Control – Programming Instructions

Programming Your HOMELINK Equipped Vehicle

Click here for HomeLink programming instructions or Click here for Homelink programming video

In the rare case that you are having trouble synching your HomeLink system to a new LiftMaster®garage door opener, our HomeLink Compatibility Bridge (previously known as HomeLink Repeater) may help if your car is not equipped with HomeLink Version 4.0 or higher.

HomeLink Bridge Kit (Repeater) Instructions

Programming Your CAR2U Equipped Vehicle

Please note that Car2U is a competitive product to HomeLink and is not compatible with LiftMaster products without a repeater. This product can be identified and differentiated from HomeLink with its three LEDs. Please contact LearCar2U for further details. For support contact Lear at 866-572-2728 or visit LearCar2U. You can also contact LiftMaster consumer support at 800-528-9131.

For more helpful information, contact Raynor Garage Doors of Kansas City at (913) 766-2366.