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Your garage door is a major part of your home’s function as well as its appearance. So a little periodic TLC is a good way to extend its life while also keeping it looking good.

  • Washing your garage door twice a year will reduce dirt and grime accumulation and will make it look so much better.
  • Clean the tracks with a dry paintbrush. The bristles are great for removing dust, debris and dirt. Then lubricate the track with a silicone-based product to keep it in good order.
  • Clean the hinges and rollers on those tracks and lube them with the same product.  Make sure they’re still tight while you’re working on them.
  • Oil the tracks, sheaves and rollers to keep them working smoothly.
  • Look over the chain or belt that lifts the door for damage or wear.
  • Dig out the owner’s manual for your garage door opener for any recommended maintenance and to refresh yourself on how to operate safely. If you don’t have it you’ll probably have luck finding it online.
  • Look over the electric eye that most modern garage doors have. Make sure that if the beam is interrupted the door will stop lowering to keep everyone safe.
  • Your opener manual will also give the right opening and closing tension to ensure proper operation.
  • Don’t forget to replace all remote batteries including any outside mounted control pads. It would be a shame to lock yourself out of your home and then realize your control pad battery is dead.
  • Have your garage door inspected by a professional. There are some parts of a garage door that require a special touch. Actually, adjusting springs or cables can be dangerous as they’re under a tremendous amount of tension. An inspection can also head off any damage from improper use or normal wear that you may not notice.

These tips will extend the life of your garage door and keep it looking nice. The garage door on some homes can take up to a third of the front space so improve your curb appeal with a newly cleaned garage door. If your door just isn’t making your happy or you’re thinking of a new color for your home Raynor Garage Door of Kansas City can fit your home with the perfect and affordable  garage door.

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