Garage Doors Are A Great Home Improvement

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According to Remodeling magazine, homeowners who replace a garage door can see up to an 84 percent return on their investment. This puts the garage door above kitchen and bathroom remodeling, which is often thought of as the top ways to add value to your home. New Garage Doors – Curb Appeal Replacing your old… Read more »

3 Awesome Garage Ideas

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Want to tweak out your garage? Here are 3 great ideas to improve on the visual appearance, home value and functionality of your garage. Home Garage Showroom Floors Just because your homes garage came with boring oil-stained floors doesn’t mean it has to stay that way forever. Polymer flooring is a synthetic coating that is… Read more »

Paint Your Garage Door: The 4 Ps

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Ready to revamp your home? Don’t have the funds to make any major changes? Painting your garage door is an inexpensive way to drastically change the look of your home on the outside. Whether you want to just touch up some old chips and scratches or completely switch paint colors, follow the 4 Ps of… Read more »

Your Garage Door – The Envy of Your Neighbors

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A new garage door, quickly, safely and correctly installed, will differentiate your home all the while adding value and curb appeal. With garage doors made of a multitude of materials such as steel, wood, aluminum/glass just to name a few, the perfect door for you is available.