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Many of us who’ve lived in apartment complexes remember the days we dreamed of having a garage. Walking out into the rain and starting up cold cars were just the beginning of the “I wish I had a garage” days. However, the story for many of us is that when we finally do move into a home with a garage, we use it for a few years, and then realize we need more storage. So, more and more finds a home in the garage. And suddenly we’re parking outside again. And our “I wish I had a garage” days return.

If you’re one of those homeowners that cannot park in your garage, we have some news for you:  you need to park in your garage. Not only will it save you from many inconveniences, but it will also protect one of your biggest assets: your car.

Protect Your Car in the Garage

Think about the money you pour into having a vehicle (or two … or three!) each month. Car payments alone can run you $200-500. Then you have gas and car maintenance like oil changes and flushes. Not to mention the cost of insurance. All of that to say:  a car is a huge budget item for most of us in the Midwest. And so if you have a home with a garage, it only makes sense to use it to protect your car. Here are a handful of advantages to keeping your car in the garage:

Cars in Garages Stay Cleaner

Keeping your car in the garage will help keep it cleaner. While sitting outside throughout the day and night, you run the risk of your car collecting dirt and pollen traveling through the air. In fall, leaves will collect in your windshield wipers and under your hood, creating safety hazards. You can also be “bird bombed,” which is quite unpleasant – especially if you have a profession where clients meet or travel with you. Sand, dust and gravel can be a threat if your car sits outside constantly. You run the risk of more unexplained scratches and dents. And overtime, if you don’t consistently wash your car from dirt and grime, you’ll notice areas of rust and paint chipping off.

Cars in Garages Run Better


Keep your car in the garage to help them warm up better!

A new law states that you can no longer start your car and run back in the house as it heats up. So if you don’t have remote start, you’re out of luck. However, warming up your vehicle on a cold morning before you take off will keep your car running better. You don’t have to put as much strain on the transmission and engine as they work to run your car AND heat up. In the summers, the car stays cooler. And overall, a car runs better if it’s been protected.

Cars in Garages Avoid Hail Damage (or Basketball Damage)

Well, this is obvious but it’s worth mentioning. Kansas City sees hail at least once a year (most years.) And if you’re at home, you can save your car from a hail attack by pulling it into the garage. Sure, insurance might cover the damage, but clearing out your garage and making room to keep your car safe can eliminate the hassle of having it estimated and then fixed. Or, if hail’s not in the forecast, a neighbor’s new basketball goal might run the same risk. If your neighborhood is populated with many children, it’s amazing how those baseballs, basketballs and soccer balls can make their way right into your car door. Avoid unwanted dents (and troubles with the neighbors) by keeping your car safe and in the garage.

Cars in Garages Stay Safer

If your car is locked in your garage, you have less risk of theft. Many cars that park on the street are open targets for those looking to break in and steal some treasures. CD players, GPS devices, and cell phone chargers are just some of the target items.  A thief might also go for your garage door opener, which puts your entire home at risk. Clear out your garage and pull in each night to have optimal safety around your home.

It might seem like a hassle at first, but we guarantee that it will be worth clearing out your garage and making room for your vehicles. Try to look into creative new ways of storage if you have items you must keep. Or, you might find as you go, the cost of storing those extra items doesn’t add up to the value of protecting your car. And it’s time to go ahead and toss it out anyway.

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