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We love following the technology blogs and especially when they start talking about new technologies that improve our lives and make them one-touch easier. And so you can only imagine our excitement today when we saw that not only are there a host of new apps on the horizon – but one that has to do with our preferred company of garage door opener!

Open your Garage Door with your iPhone

Who would have thought that a debut of 2012 technologies would include a garage door app that lets you open your door with your smart phone? Through a series of Ethernet cords and radio transmitters, a new technology is underway that lets you quickly get inside through one quiet “tap” on your phone. No more clunky openers strapped to your visor. Just reach for your phone and watch that door slide open.

Home Automation Takes Over

Connecting your iPhone-like devises to your wireless home network isn’t anything new. Some of our friends in the audio visual world have been installing home networks all controlled by a “touch” device for several years now. It’s common to enter a home and control the lights, temperature and DVD all through one portable touch screen. However, much of that has been confined to technologies inside the home, with the exception of outdoor speakers or a security camera. But now, it’s expanded to the garage and the car in the driveway – and we are giddy like school girls about it.

As the go-to guys when it comes to garage doors and garage door openers in Kansas City, we’d love to talk with you more about the new smart phone technologies weaving into the garage door openers. Our preferred door opener, Liftmaster, is coming out with some great stuff – call us to learn more about how to get your life easier (and open your garage door with your phone!)

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