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Homeowners, do you sometimes have difficulty deciding just what size garage you need? Oftentimes, people settle for sizes that are too large or too small for their needs. However, there are a few easy ways that you can determine how much room your needs require. Raynor Garage Doors of Kansas City is an industry expert and we are here to tell you how, in just a few short steps, you can find the perfect-sized garage.

Finding the Right Garage

Assess your Vehicles

The easiest way to figure out how much room you need in your garage is to examine your vehicles. Someone with one car or truck will need less space in their garage than someone with two or more vehicles, a boat, or a motor home. The more vehicles someone has and the larger those vehicles are, the more garage space they will need.

Miscellaneous Items

Many people also store additional belongings in their garage, so it is important to figure out just how much room these items will require. If you only have a few boxes that you are wanting to store, you won’t need too much additional space. Of course, it is quite possible for you to accrue more things that will need to be stored. Because of this, it is always a good idea to have a bit more room in your garage than what is immediately apparent. When in doubt, give yourself more room than you think you need.


This space sometimes doubles as a “shop” or workspace. Shop tools can take up quite a bit of room, especially since most people who work in their garage want to have a table and workbench as well. If you plan to have a workspace, you should take this into consideration before purchasing a garage or having one built. Not having enough space will create a cramped and unpleasant working environment, while having too much empty space will make the area seem empty and unused. When it comes to finding the right-sized garage, you will need to find a nice balance between the two.


Whether you want to store lots of yard tools in your garage or you wish to have the area double as a workspace, it is important that you pick a garage with enough space for all of your needs. Utilized correctly, a garage can function as a number of helpful things.

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