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A garage door is the largest moving object in the home.  They are often operated by electric door openers.  Proper installation, operation, maintenance and testing are necessary to provide safe, trouble-free operation.  An improperly adjusted garage door or automatic opener can exert deadly force when the door closes.  This could lead to serious injury or death from being hit by a closing garage door or from being trapped under the door.  A few simple precautions and safety checks can protect your family and friends from potential harm.
Please first take a few minutes to read the following safety tips and Teach Your Children About Garage Door and Opener Safety:

* Do Not stand or walk under a moving door!  Do not let children or adults play “beat the door”.  It is dangerous and can result in serious injury or death.  Adults should set a good example.  Know how to use the emergency release, in case someone is pinned by the door.
* Do Not let children play with or use the transmitters or remote controls.  Always place and store them out of the reach of children.  Garage door openers are not toys.  Careless operation and allowing children to play with or use garage door opener controls can lead to tragic results.  Discuss garage door safety with your children and explain the danger of being trapped under the door.
* The pushbutton wall control should be out of the reach of children (at least 5 feet from the floor) and away from all moving parts.  Mount and use the button where you can clearly see the moving garage door.
* When using the pushbutton or transmitter, keep the door in sight until it completely stops moving.  Teach children never to play under or near an open garage door.
* Teach children to keep their hands and fingers clear of section joints, hinges, tracks, springs and other door parts.  Contact with a moving door or its hardware could cause serious injury.  These injuries can also happen with garage doors that don’t have automatic openers.

Testing your Garage Door System

Refer to your garage door and opener’s manual for details specific to the model you own.  Then check the operation of your garage door and automatic opener.  When in doubt, call us to schedule your maintenance, safety check and adjustment

Door Balance Test
Periodically test the balance of your door.
1. Start with the door closed.
2. If you have a garage door opener, use the release mechanism so you can operate the door by hand when doing this test.
3. You should be able to lift the door smoothly and with little resistance.  It should stay open around three or four feet above the floor.  If it does not, it is out of adjustment.  Have it adjusted by a qualified service person.

Reversal Test
Make sure your opener has a reversing feature. If a reversing feature is not present, the door should be replaced.  Garage door openers manufactured after January 1, 1993 are required by federal law to have advanced safety features which comply with the latest U.L. 325 standards.  Contact your manufacturer or installer for additional information.  Be sure to test the reversing feature every month.
1. First, test the balance of the door (see “Door Balance Test Above”). If the door is properly balanced, then proceed.
2. With the door fully open, place a 1-1/2″ thick piece of wood (a 2″x4″ laid flat) on the floor in the center of the door or a paper towel roll (this would closely simulate a child’s chest).
3. Push the transmitter or wall button to close the door. The door must reverse when it strikes the wood.  (Note that the bottom part of “one piece doors” must be rigid so that the door will not close without reversing.)
4. If the door does not have reverse, have it repaired or replaced.  Have a qualified individual adjust, repair or replace the opener or door.

Force Setting Test
Test the force setting of your garage door opener by holding the bottom of the door as it closes.  If the door does not reverse readily, the force may be excessive and need adjusting.  Call to have a qualified technician make the adjustment.  Always test the reversing feature after any adjustment or new installation.

Raynor Garage Door Company, Inc. of Kansas City offers the safest doors and operators available on the market today.  Routine Maintenance Can Prevent Tragedies. 

Call us today to schedule your maintenance, safety check and adjustment.

 Safety is Everyone’s Business.

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