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The garage is much more than just a basic shelter with oil stained concrete floors, unpainted sheetrock walls and old metal shelves to store all your junk. The garage is an opportunity to expand on the quality of your home. The garage is a safe place you can getaway to and relax. The garage is the perfect opportunity .. to build a man cave.

Converting Your Garage Into A Man Cave

Converting Your Garage Into A Man Cave

The process to converting your garage into a man cave is pretty simple. The first step is getting your spouse to allow you to do it. If this is an issue for you, try devoting a little extra time to watching really low budget action movies on TV when your significant other is around. You might also want to bring your most annoying buddies over for a game of poker around the kitchen table. Sometimes converting your garage into a man cave requires a group effort and this trick should help you to seal the deal.

Now that you have the official ok to relocate you and your annoying friends out to the garage, it’s time to start planning. There are a few things you are going to need to complete this project.

The first thing is a seating. The whole point of converting your garage into a man cave is to establish a place of relaxation and entertainment, so comfortable seating is a must. What’s item number two on your list? You need food and beverages. Decide on if you should go with a dry bar that includes a mini fridge beneath it or a full blow stand up fridge off to the side.

The last important element is climate control. You need to implement the ability to withdrawl into your cave at any given time of the year for simple pleasure or protection from a disgruntled cavemate. That means tapping into the heating and cooling system and making sure to install an insulated garage door to maintain your paradise.

Now that we have our comfort issues planned out, it’s time to think about entertainment. Some form of a visual / audio home theater system is essential. The bigger the better. You’re also going to need a method of centralizing group activities. For those of you who are new to the concept of a man cave, that means getting a poker table.

The last item of attention is a pool table. Now, a top of the line pool table can be rather expensive. So, what if you don’t play pool? Do you really need it? Yes! You need it! It doesn’t matter if you can’t play because pool tables rock and you need to establish yourself as the Alpha Caveman in your neighborhood.

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