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If you haven’t heard of Terrafugia yet, they’re just like any other automotive manufacturer. Actually, they’re not because they make flying cars! That’s right .. I said flying cars.

The concept of a flying car is nothing new. We’ve been watching them fly across our TV screens in sci-fi movies and cartoons for decades. Terrafugia has made this futuristic vision into a reality with the Transition®.

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With glass cockpit avionics, carbon fiber construction, and the combination of flight stick and rudder pedals with automotive styled steering, gas and brake, the Terrafugia Transition® is the ultimate toy for both automotive and airplane lovers. It also runs on the same premium unleaded gasoline that your car does. When you need to fill up the tank you simply drive to the gas station down the street.

According to Terrafugia, switching between drive and flight modes is just as simple as putting down the top on a convertible. Using a patented technology, the wings automatically fold out into flight mode without the driver/pilot even getting out of the cockpit. Going from drive mode to flight mode only takes around 40 seconds with the push of a button.

So, how does the worlds first flying car do on gas milage? Actually, it’s not too bad. The Transition® has a max flight speed of 115mph, cruise speed of 105mph, 490 mile range, 23 gallon tank and gets 35mpg on the road.

Home Garage / Hanger

Those of you who purchase the Terrafugia Transition® will also find that you no longer have to rent space in a hanger to park your plane. After landing at the airport you can switch out of flight mode, drive home and park your flying car in your standard home garage.

The anticipated price is set at $279,000.

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