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If your garage is the place you use in the spring or summer and then just ignore in the winter you’re wasting some valuable space. A workshop, a home gym, or even a place for kids to ride their bikes and burn some energy are all options in the winter.

But it’s too cold to be in the garage in the winter!

Yes, most garages are unheated and iceboxes in the colder months but there are some great choices to heat your garage and make it a more useable space in your home. Raynor Garage Doors of Kansas City can recommend a couple of options that can make your garage another useful room in your house

You might be thinking space heaters to make your garage tolerable but they really only heat small areas. Kerosene and propane heaters aren’t really an option as they release dangerous carbon monoxide into the air and that can be deadly.

Direct-vent space heaters are a great choice for heating a garage and they can use either natural gas or propane. They can even be used for home additions or potentially a small detached workshop or playhouse. They vent through a hole in an outside wall so exhaust fumes aren’t an issue. Some direct-vent heaters are energy efficient as well so can be used frequently

If you’d like to use your garage on a daily basis you might consider a woodstove. It requires some room for safe installation as you’ll need space for good clearance away from the combustible materials as well a proper chimney. A woodstove needs time to heat up and will also generate heat after the last of the fuel has been added so it’s not ideal for short periods but it’s great for long projects.

Raynor Garage Doors of Kansas City wants to help you choose and maintain the garage door that complements your home. We also encourage our customers to use their garages as more than just a place for cars and the stuff you hide when company comes over. So consider a garage heater and when winter comes you’ll still be cozy and warm.

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