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There are those of us who love to tinker in our garage on little projects. Sometimes we are creating a DIY project and other times we’re simply trying to get our old lawn mower to work. Carlos Owens, an Army mechanic, has brought the concept of tinkering in the garage to a whole new level by creating the first true mecha exoskeleton.

Mecha Robot Constructed Behind Garage Doors

Mecha Robot Constructed Behind Garage Doors

Carlos started working on this garage project at his home in Wasilla, Alaska in 2004. A project which has grown into an 18-foot tall mecha exoskeleton and weighing in at 1 ton.

Many garage inventors of the past have setup shop in the family garage where they drew up blueprints and created their latest inventions. Some of the worlds greatest creations, built behind garage doors, resulted in giant corporations such as Amazon, Apple, Google, Hewlett Packard and the infamous Disney.

Owens began building his prototype without any blueprints. The first prototype was a full scale robotic suit made from wood. After moving to a prototype constructed from steel, Owens needed to design a hydraulics system that would provide the precise amount of leverage and range of movement.

The system is a complex network of hydraulic cylinders and cables which act like muscles and allow the mecha to raise its arms and bend at the knees. As the mecha pilot moves his arms and legs, the steel cables transmit those actions to the hydraulics system to make the mecha walk, bend down or use its hands. The giant mecha is even capable of doing a sit-up.

In the future, Owens sees mechas being used for both military and construction purposes. This is nothing new, as we’ve all seen these mecha exoskeleton uses in science fiction movies for decades. The only difference is that Carlos Owens is turning this sci-fi fantasy into a reality.

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