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Pretty much everyone has a smartphone these days. Some of us even use them to make calls. But the apps where it’s at and some of them are pretty cool.

Stop wondering if your garage door is open!

But you know we’re all about garage doors and so we’ve found three new apps that are made just for them.

Garage Mate: A remote garage door opener compatible with most garage doors including Raynor, Liftmaster, Sears Craftsman and Genie, it can remotely open and close your garage door. It’s also very secure and even if someone else has the same app they won’t be able to open your garage door. It uses Bluetooth technology to operate and a modified receiver which they give instructions for or will modify for you. The nice thing about this app is that it gives you 30 free clicks to see if you like it well enough to buy it.

LiftMaster Home Control: We highlighted this one way back after the Consumer Electronic Show. It does require the LiftMaster Internet Gateway and a LiftMaster MyQ account to access the app. The app allows you to monitor and control your MyQ enabled garage door opener but also a gate opener and home light controls.

InControl ZWave Controller: This app is for Z-wave controlled homes. Z-wave is a smart home system that allows you to make virtually your entire home remotely controlled. From lights to thermostats to window and door sensors it also controls your garage door with appropriate installation of additional gadgets. Pretty cool stuff.

Technology is humming along and bringing us all sorts of ease-of-lifestyle applications. However, at Raynor Garage Doors of KC we’re still waiting for our flying cars. Until then if you need a new garage door that can use any of the above technologies call us at (913) 766-2366. Or if you just love your current door but it needs a little tender loving care we’d be happy to set up a maintenance appointment to keep it happy.

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