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Choosing a garage door doesn’t stop with color, material and style. Unless you plan to keep your car in the driveway you’ll need something to get that door to open and close. Raynor Garage Doors of Kansas City carries three types of garage door openers, chain, belt and direct drive. Each one is just fine, it simply depends on what you need it to do.

So what’s the difference?

A chain drive uses a metal chain to open and close the garage door on its track and can handle the heaviest doors with ease. Chain drives can be somewhat noisy but if you have a detached garage or it’s at the end of the house it may not be a factor. They’re also great if you’d like to know just when your door is opened and closed (and when your 16 year old actually got home last night).

Belt drives operate on a rubber belt and are as reliable as chain drives. They’re great if your garage is attached to your home or located under a bedroom or other living space, as they are practically silent. They do cost more money than a standard chain drive but if low noise is what you need it’s worth it.

A direct drive garage door opener solves several installation problems. If you can’t place your garage door opener in the usual place the direct drive may help. It’s wall-mounted so it saves ceiling space for storage. It’s also great for high ceilings that don’t allow for traditional ceiling mount openers. Direct drive openers are also on the quieter side.

Raynor Garage Doors of Kansas City can fit your new or existing garage door with any one of these three types of openers. We carry everything you’ll need for that perfect door to complement your home, keep your car and belongings secure and we can also repair your door should you need it. Call us today at (913) 766-2366 and find out why Raynor Garage Doors of Kansas City was awarded the Super Service Award from Angie’s List.

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