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Party planning does not have to be difficult, especially when you have a garage at your disposal. When party planning, the garage is often overlooked — it shouldn’t be, though. If you know how to arrange and decorate it, your garage can be transformed into one big party room. Raynor Garage Doors of Kansas City is an expert in all things garage doors, and we have created some party planning ideas that are sure to transform this area of your home into a beautiful event space.

Garage Party Planning 101

Your garage door is wide, which is sure to cut back on the cost of lighting and cooling. If your party is during the daytime, simply open up the door for some fresh air and natural daylight. And for a mess-free environment, look no further than your garage. Any spilled beverages or food can be cleaned up in no time. With so many benefits to gain, it is time to get your garage party planning started!

Clean your Garage

Most garages become a place where people unload their clutter and a slew of other items. The first step of garage party planning is simple. Clear out your garage, making sure everything has been removed. If you have accumulated lots of stuff over the years, this is a great opportunity to sort through items, deciding what should stay and what needs to be removed. Once the space is empty, clean the walls and ceilings. If you wish to paint the garage walls with colorful paints, be certain no cobwebs are left behind and make sure that the cleaned surfaces are completely dry.

After the walls and ceilings have been thoroughly cleaned, bring your attention to the floor. You will want to sweep and mop them well so that you can get a nice coat of paint on its surface. When it comes to the floor, opt for a neutral color like grey or brown. Want something a tad more festive? You can put additional color flakes on top of the base coat for a more fun look.

Decorate your Garage

If you plan to leave the garage door open for fresh air and/or natural lighting, you may want to invest in a roll-down screen. This screen can help prevent mosquitoes and moths from entering your garage, which is sure to keep your party guests happy.

The next step of your garage party planning agenda is making table arrangements. Arrange tables and chairs in a manner that allows for people to move around easily. For a more polished look, throw on some festive tablecloths. Planning to serve food?  Be sure that you have at least one large serving table placed in a corner of the room or next to the garage door. These strategic points ensure that your visitors will know when their meals are ready.

party planning

If you want to provide music for your guests, make sure that you have a quality music system. When it comes to music, select something that is relevant to your party’s theme. Doing so will help create the ambiance you had in mind. And for an added experience, accessorize your garage. Having a disco? Hang up a disco ball and get some fun lights.

Once your garage has been cleaned and decorated to your satisfaction, your party planning is complete. All that is left to do is invite your guests and act as a great host or hostess. Garage party planning is as easy as this two-step process, so there is no reason this space should not be utilized more.

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