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It’s time to open your garage doors and let in some fresh air. But if the thought of exposing your messy, cluttered and just plain dirty space to the neighborhood gives you chills it’s time for some spring-cleaning. Get the family together and spend the day getting organized.  You might even be able to park your cars in there again!

Think of this not as finding a place for everything you have but a chance to simplify and shed the things you don’t need or want.

Drag all the big stuff outside and prioritize. Do you really need five sleds for three kids? Is the old weed trimmer you swore you’d fix just a lost cause? This is a great opportunity to give away the things you don’t need anymore.

Sweep and wash the floors and walls. If you’re so inclined a fresh coat of paint goes a long way to freshen the space. Garage floors can also be protected with specialty paint from the hardware store. It prevents oil and gas stains and extends the life of the floor.

Consider your storage needs. You may be able to get away with simple shelving lining the outside walls. Don’t scrimp and get lightweight units. If you plan to put storage bins on them they’ll need to be able to hold the weight. Measure the units and measure your storage bins to make sure you use the space wisely. Don’t forget to label!

Overhead storage may also be an option. Install racks for things you don’t always use, holiday decorations, skis or luggage. You can also store bikes in the winter.

Get your tools in order. Hang pegboard and hooks and when all your tools are in place draw around them with a marker so you’ll know how they go back. You can also buy small containers that fit the boards for nails, screws and all that little stuff. Take a hard look at what you have and donate the excess screwdrivers and hammers. Because you know you bought them when you couldn’t find the other four you had, right?

Organizing your garage is not a small task. Large spaces take a long time to get messy and cluttered so it’s going to take a lot of effort to get things under control. But the reward of a garage with an actual car in it will be worth the time, sweat and arguing. Especially when the first hailstorm comes to town.

If you finally get your garage clean and organized you may realize you need a new garage door to complement your showplace. Or at least to reward all that work! Call Raynor Garage Doors and speak with one of our experts. We can help you with the garage door of your dreams! You can visit us at and or call us at (913) 766-2366.

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