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What’s better than driving off in a freshly cleaned car? Whether you wash your car at home in the driveway or swing by the automatic car wash after work, there is always something satisfying about a clean car. To make sure that clean car feeling lasts, you need to store your car in a clean garage.

Quick steps for keeping a clean car and garage:

Garage cleaning tips

The garage tends to gather all the things we don’t want to store inside. The garage is also home to leaves, grass and dirt that blows in and is drug in by the car. Because your garage stores your cars, this space deserves to be orderly, too.

Start by freeing the garage of clutter and sweeping out the entire space. Then use an old mop to clean the garage floor. Sweep away any cobwebs. You should also wash your garage door.

After your floor and door are clean, you can bring your items back into the garage. Remember to remove some clutter before stuffing the garage again. Throw away trash and old items. Invest in new storage solutions for your tools, gardening equipment and car maintenance supplies.

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Car wash tips

Start with the carpets. Use a stiff scrub brush and compressed air to loosen dirt from the corners of your carpet. Use a handheld vacuum to clean up all loose dirt and debris.

When handwashing your car, use a special car washing solution. This prevents you from stripping the clear coat off through the use of harsh soaps. Be sure to wax your car every season to prevent the paint from being damaged.

After washing the rest of your car, clean the glass. A microfiber cloth is the best choice for cleaning fingerprints and grime off all windows.

Then, you’re ready to pull your sparkling clean car into the garage! Spending time cleaning your garage can help you spot any issues or potential problems. Raynor Garage Doors of Kansas City can inspect your doors and make any necessary repairs or replacements. Give us a call at  (913) 422-0441 to learn more about our service and repair.

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