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When you think of home renovations you typically think of enlarging a kitchen or adding a bathroom, perhaps knocking out a wall to make a master suite. But have you ever considered turning your garage into that ultimate expression of manliness, that escape for the boys, big-screen, beer sign, recliner oasis? Of course we speak of the Man Cave. For those unfamiliar with the concept think of the place where the husband and sons can gather with other men to do and say things you just don’t want in your living room or den.

More and more people (read men) are turning their garages into their own retreats and some are taking it all the way. From a Florida Gators themed big screen garage to the ultimate Garage Mahal we’ve gathered the dreams of the man who is the Cave Man:

How about a Harley Davidson themed re-do that would make Easy Rider sit for a while?

If you’d like to buy the world a Coke you could all drink it here.

Jack Daniels and a full bar mean Man Cave goodness.

Got a ’57 Chevy? Then you need a 2000 sq. foot garage/man cave with 14 foot tall garage doors and three story ceilings.

A true sports fan/audiophile haven, this Florida Gators fan has created a man cave with a dream sound system as well.

And finally, the man cave so big it didn’t even need a house attached. Located on a racetrack this 6,000 square foot Garage Mahal is the dream of two amateur car racers in Illinois.

So if you feel like your manliness needs a space just to be manly, if you’re tired of watching Masterpiece Theater (or you want to watch it alone) think about making some space of your own in your own garage. Your collection of Star Wars memorabilia needs air to breathe, right?

Of course a garage isn’t a garage without doors. That just makes it a carport and watching “Happy Gilmore” with your pals in a carport just isn’t right. So get the garage door that will complement that man cave. Raynor Garage Doors of Kansas City can help you find that perfect door to show off (or hide) that den of Cheetos and pork rinds and maybe even your car!



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