Which insulation style will warm your heart?

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Polystyrene (like the white coolers) is a sheet of insulation and fits inside the door panels.  Polyurethane (spray foam) is an expanding insulation that gets into all of the crack and crevices.  You can get Raynor and Clopay doors with either type.  It just depends on what you need…of course you can also get a… Read more »

A stain that you will want to keep forever.

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Several of our Raynor and Clopay  doors are available in stain options. It’s a good idea to take some samples home to see what works best with the rest of your exterior colors.      Find out more about the Raynor AccuFinish here Find out more about the Clopay Ultra-Grain options here

Advancements in critter guard…

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In the interest of full disclosure, the first efforts to keep the critters away failed miserably so we went back to the drawing board. I like looking around at things hoping new ideas will jump out at me and sure enough…I found an interesting application at KC ReStore, these are re-purposed wall paper holders wrapped… Read more »

Technology: MyQ IQ—Know your stuff…

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Most of our LiftMaster operators have smart technology called “MyQ” capabilities that give you the option to access your garage door from your smart phone when you get the “internet gateway.” For more information click here https://www.liftmaster.com/for-homes/myq-connected-home or call us at 913-422-0441.  Right now we have a mail-in rebate offer going on…http://www.raynorkc.com/about-us/specials/

R-Values: "R" they right for you?

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R-value rates the insulation in your garage door. The higher the R-Value, the more insulated your door. For example: The Raynor Centura Door has an 18.0 R-Value and the Clopay Premium Series 9200 Series has a 18.4 R-Value.  In addition to being more sturdy, a well insulated door keeps the heat and A/C inside your home… Read more »

Into the dirt…

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After the seedlings were getting to tall for all of the containers I had them in and the peas needed some support, into the ground they went.  We put fall leaves into these raised beds then just add a garden soil mix with compost right on top.  The worms job is to keep the dirt… Read more »

3 Alternative Uses for Garages You May Not Have Considered

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Not everybody needs a garage, but don’t let this space go to waste! There are an infinite number of alternative uses for your garage that you may never have though of. So if you’re thinking of transforming your space, consider some of the following ideas. A Studio Perhaps you’re an artist or a carpenter looking… Read more »