Getting the Garden ready for Spring

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Check out this tip for warming up those garden beds early… If anyone has some other great ideas for starting seedlings, building raised garden beds, or tips for early planting, please share them here.  

New Styles Unveiled…

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There were some new style unveiled from Clopay at this years International Builders Show…check out this article from Clopay’s Facebook page… Which one of these looks would you choose for your home?

What's in your garage???

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Pintrest is awash with storage ideas for extra garage space.  I know, right! Who has EXTRA garage space?  I am looking for ideas that have actually been tried with good results.  Anything working well???

Adding A Garage To Your Home

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If your home does not have one, you might want to consider adding a garage to your home. Not only does a garage provide you with a dedicated space to protect your vehicles and store various items such as lawn care equipment, tools and holiday decorations but a garage also increases the value of your… Read more »

5 Famous Companies Started in a Garage

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Major corporations that now sit on enormous 35 acre complexes didn’t just pop into existence. They all had to start somewhere. For these 5 world famous companies, that place just happened to be a dusty garage. Amazon In 1994, Jeff Bezos opened his garage door in Bellevue, Washington and started what would soon become the… Read more »

Convert Garage Into A Home Theater

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Some home owners would like to find a creative way to turn the garage into a more engaging component of their home, rather than being just a catch-all storage area. One great garage remodeling idea is to convert your garage into a home theater. Converting Your Garage Into A Home Theater Consider the value of… Read more »