What's in your garage???

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Pintrest is awash with storage ideas for extra garage space.  I know, right! Who has EXTRA garage space?  I am looking for ideas that have actually been tried with good results.  Anything working well???

Adding A Garage To Your Home

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If your home does not have one, you might want to consider adding a garage to your home. Not only does a garage provide you with a dedicated space to protect your vehicles and store various items such as lawn care equipment, tools and holiday decorations but a garage also increases the value of your… Read more »

5 Famous Companies Started in a Garage

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Major corporations that now sit on enormous 35 acre complexes didn’t just pop into existence. They all had to start somewhere. For these 5 world famous companies, that place just happened to be a dusty garage. Amazon In 1994, Jeff Bezos opened his garage door in Bellevue, Washington and started what would soon become the… Read more »

Convert Garage Into A Home Theater

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Some home owners would like to find a creative way to turn the garage into a more engaging component of their home, rather than being just a catch-all storage area. One great garage remodeling idea is to convert your garage into a home theater. Converting Your Garage Into A Home Theater Consider the value of… Read more »