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Here’s a piece of garage door news that is hitting close to home. A neighborhood across the state in St. Charles County, MO is experiencing strange occurrences with their garage door openers. A Digital Journal article tells the story of neighbors standing outside of their garages, scratching their heads at why their openers don’t work. According to Leigh Goessl, who wrote the article, neighbors have gone as far as comparing:

  • Christmas gifts that might be interfering with the wireless signal
  • Years each home was built
  • Garage door opener brands
  • Frequencies used by the wireless openers

And while it’s still a mystery – many are curious if the frequency of wireless signal is an issue since St. Charles County isn’t the only one to be hit with strange garage door opener outages around the country. [Read the full article for more information.]

Raynor’s Super Service for Garage Door Openers

We don’t blame residents of these neighborhood communities for feeling puzzled and frustrated with their garage door opener problems. It’s unnerving enough when technology won’t work right – but when your technology malfunctions because of a bigger unknown problem, that’s even more frustrating.

We thought this story is a good example of why to work with a local garage door specialist when it comes to garage doors and garage door openers. A company like ours at Raynor in Kansas City doesn’t simply install the opener and then leave it up to you to troubleshoot any problems. We offer a 24-hour service and repair for our customers who experience emergencies and problems with their operators and doors. It’s this kind of service that won us the 2011 Angie’s List Super Service Award.

We don’t expect our customers to solve their garage door problems themselves. Our dedicated technicians will be at your door and ready to solve your problems in no time. There’s a lot to be said for having professionals nearby who are just a call away. Especially if a strange phenomenon happens to hit your street next.







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